Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing – Blue Collar Workers Need White Collar Know How

Roof Cleaners and pressure washing contractors are hard working, dedicated and know how to put food on their families table but when it comes to building web sites and applying SEO to get the best Google results, a good percentage of them get lost in the crowd.

New and original content is one of the most important factors to rank well in SERP’s (search engine results page). No if’s and’s or but’s about it. Google changes their algorithm all the time with Panda being the latest major update. When these updates happen, everyone panics and scrambles to try and beat the system. You can post on forums until your blue in the face or pay thousands of dollars to a SEO guru on a back linking campaign but unless you maintain fresh, original content on your roof cleaning or pressure washing sites, you’re spinning your wheels. Have you ever heard that “content is king”? Well it is and it’s the one thing Google has never changed in its algorithm. Google, Bing and Yahoo have spiders that crawl the web 24/7 looking for original content. New and original content is like an addictive drug to these things and they need to be continuously fed. If a website sits dormant, these spiders get bored and won’t visit your roof cleaning or pressure washing site as often or at all because there is nothing new to index which in turn will not rank as well as a site that “feeds” these spiders all the time.

If you’re still not buying what I’m saying, just take a look at this site (EzineArticles) for an example. There are “spiders” crawling this site right now, they never leave because the wealth of new, original content that continuously floods this site and in return, rewards this site with a fantastic Page Rank. Now you may not think page rank is a big deal but it is huge! Why do you think there is a war of soft wash roof cleaning and pressure cleaning forums with web masters from one forum trying to sway people to join their forum? It’s because they need people to post adding content to their forum and in return, propel their soft wash sites up in the Google ranks. They are not looking for friends or good conversation but content.

Chris Tucker at the Roof Cleaning Institute of America knows all too well that content is king. If you have ever been to his site, the writing is on the wall. Original content is everywhere and takes hours to go through it all. There are in-bound links, out-bound links and internal links. These Google spiders have a blast crawling his site and are rewarding it with a 3 out of 10 Page Rank and page 1 for a ton of his keywords. If you have ever wondered how a site that appears to be small and has very few pages can dominate a top spot in Google. It’s because of content on the back end that is not visible.

You can search the web high and low looking for articles to fool Google and leap frog to number one but the big “G” is not the number one, multibillion dollar search engine by mistake. It’s not something that just happens overnight (months and even years) and takes a lot of work and time. I can almost guarantee that Chris Tucker at has more website SEO hours than actual roof cleaning hours. Just remember though, once you reach the top it’s not over because you have to maintain that position with, you guessed it, more content. Soft Wash roof cleaning is a hard job but you need to get your web site optimized to get your phone ringing for Pressure washing and roof cleaning leads.

If I were a webmaster promoting SEO, this would be the perfect article. It’s full of keyword rich content and cannot be found anywhere on the internet because it’s completely original. Remember, copied content has already been indexed by Google and is considered duplicate content and can actually hurt your ranking. Please take a moment to look over the roof cleaning web site in Tallahassee, Florida. It is a great example of proper placement. Look through a few pages to see how this roof cleaner built his site.

Source by Laura Bramble


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