Gaming Notebook 2011 – Qosmos X505-Q896 Review

As compared to its competitor, Toshiba is not that popular but have been consistently producing powerful laptops and computers. The Qosmos line of gaming laptops from Toshiba is gaining huge popularity. They have manufactured quite a few gaming machines in the recent past; however Qosmos X505-Q896 appears to be very promising. Let us read on to know what this gaming notebook brings to you:

Display, Video and Audio Performance
With a huge widescreen display screen of 18.4 inch, the Qosmos X505 provides you with a wider area to enjoy all your favorite games. However, it does increase the weight of the device but with the Blu-ray drive onboard, you can enjoy 1080p HD videos on your display.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M video range is not something is capable top notch gaming experience. Being a midrange product, it is capable of running all the games that are currently in the market. The 1.5GB video memory is what helps in enjoying demanding games. The SLI capability makes it possible to pair another GeForce graphics card which in turn helps in boosting the performance. Are you looking for a gaming notebook with impressive sound output? The Qosmos X505-Q896 has got Harmon/Kardon speakers that are capable of producing good audio effects.

Processor and Memory
The Qosmos X505-Q896 is powered with Intel Core i7 740QM processor that gives a processing speed of 1.73 GHz. This processor is one of the highest performing processors available in the today’s market. With 4GB of DD3 RAM on your system, you will be able to run several programs simultaneously and thereby make the best use of multitasking.

The hard disk that is present on the Qosmos X505-Q896 is of 500GB that performs at 7200rpm. The space is perfect for installing all your favorite games and multimedia files.

Additional Features
The operating system that comes with this gaming notebook is Windows 7 Home Premium. The other features include 3USB slots, Blu-ray Disc ROM and DVD drive, WLAN, good battery life of above 3.5 hours and HDMI port

The Qosmos X505-Q896 gaming notebook is priced decently. Even though the graphics card appears to be of mediocre as compared to other high end parts of the laptop, it delivers good gaming experience.

Source by Anvin Raj V. S.


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