Top 10 Colleges in UK 2021

The University of Oxford has dominated as the top university in 2021 for UK. However, the quite elite university has dropped a place since last year, and is now the fifth best ranked university in the world. Their rival institution, the University of Cambridge, is the seventh best. In the QS World University Rankings 2021, there are 90 UK Universities involved. This is six more than last year.

Here we will list the rankings that were present at the results, in terms of a top 10. We will also compile information as to why each university ranked in it’s spot, and where you can get more information.

UK RankGlobal RankInstitution
15University of Oxford
27University of Cambridge
38Imperial College London
410UCL (University College London)
520University of Edinburgh
627=The University of Manchester
731=King’s College London (KCL)
849London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
958University of Bristol
1062The University of Warwick

10 – University of Warwick

Warwick University not safe, says woman targeted by 'rape chat' | Education  | The Guardian

Sticking it in the 10th spot in the UK this year is Warwick. Globally, the University of Warwick ranked 62nd. The reason behind most of their success has been due to the outlook of the university: which remains global. It achieves nearly a perfect score in the international faculty and in international student ranking indicators.

9 – University of Bristol

University of Bristol Law School | University of Bristol Law School | University  of Bristol

The ninth of UK’s Universities is the University of Bristol. It dropped about nine spots globally. It received high scores throughout all ranking indicators, mostly a high one due to its academic reputation. It ranks 74 globally in that respect.

8 – London School of Economics and Political Science

The international experience at the London School of Economics | Times  Higher Education (THE)

In eighth is the London School of Economics and Political Science. Globally, it dropped five places, landing in 49th globally. This is also the first in our list to surpass the 50 mark. LSE is ranked seventh worldwide in international students, making it one of the most diverse.

7 – King’s College London

King's College London learns how to unlock the power of data

Once again seventh in the UK is King’s College London. It climbed two places in the global rankings since last year, landing as 31st. This university has high scores in almost all indicators, and is known to have one of the highest academic scores in the world: breaching the 50th place mark globally.

6 – The University of Manchester

Manchester reaches highest ever place in latest university world rankings

The University of Manchester ranks 6th in our ranking, and 27th in the global ranking. Manchester’s reputation proceeds it, as graduates are looked upon with favor in general by employers. It is 21st in the world ranking.

5 – University of Edinburgh

World-leading university | The University of Edinburgh

With it’s rank as 5th in the UK, it stacks another high number as being the 20th best university in the world. The University of Edinburgh ranks high in academic reputation and employer reputation, rankling 25th and 31st in these worldwide.

4 – UCL University College London

UCL ranked in world's top 20 "super-elite" universities | UCL News - UCL – University  College London

In 4th place is the UCL. It dropped two places in the global rankings, landing in the 10th spot this year. The academic reputation for this university is 13th in the world.

3 – Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Taking the bronze spot is Imperial College London. This university is the highest ranked in the capital. It moved up one place in the world rankings this year, and is in ninth for academic reputation.

2 – University of Cambridge

HEC Scholarships for University of Cambridge in UK

For the top spot, as we all know it: it’s a battle between Oxford and Cambridge. However, despite being second place, it is the highest ranking university in the UK for both academic and employer reputation. It is second in the world for these factors.

1 – University of Oxford

Organisation | University of Oxford

Once again in the UK, Oxford takes first place. However, in the global rankings, it dropped one spot: to fifth. It had high scores for all indicators, and has the highest ranked faculty-student ratio in the UK.


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